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Hi all – this is a site for a filler campaign in case people want to play some extra games between adventurers’ league and/or POSCo.

The idea is that I’ll be new to DM’ing and campaign creation, so I’d want to start out with 4-people-or-fewer games. There is no schedule (tentative first runs in December?), no expectations, and we’ll just see if this goes anywhere. If it does, we’ll possibly merge groups over time, but that’s a ways off. It could actually be sort of interesting to have multiple groups running around doing their own thing in the same setting, or it might just be a headache. Either way, we’ll figure it out.

If you’re interested, please sign up for the obsidianportal site and then facebook message or otherwise tell me your obsidianportal username so that I can get you added to this campaign as a player. If you do sign up and get added to the campaign, feel free to use the forums to do any group organization, character backstory tales, etc.

As far as the campaign/setting itself goes, I’ve put most of the resources so far in

The Wiki – click me!

so please start there.

- Matt / BoneyJoe

Home Page

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