Creating Your Character

Specific Campaign Mechanics/House Rules

We will be using 5e rules, treating the twitter clarifications from the Wizards D&D team as supplements.

Rolling your Characters (yes, plural) – Mechanics

  • Most important disclaimer first – I’m probably missing some important things here. Please ask for any clarifications or additions as needed.
  • Stats – Use standard array or point-buy for scores. Start at level 1. Any race/class available in the 5e PHB is fine. HP is never rolled – take max at level 1, then the PHB-suggested value at each level thereafter. Variant rules for races are fine.
  • Feel free to roll 2 characters – These characters will have known each other for a long time, which allows for the two characters to act with the same mind. This will help in the event that a player or two is missing for a session. Level up both simultaneously, even if you only play one for the session.
  • Multi-classing – Please talk with me before multi-classing – Multi-classing is absolutely fine, but I’d like to know the backstory of why, and to enjoy watching you roleplaying your character’s adventures in such a way that supports it.
  • Alignment – please don’t make my job difficult from the get-go. Evil’s fine, but no PvP, no stealing from other party members, etc. Good’s fine, but no extremely lawful good. In general don’t antagonize other players unnecessarily – there’s nothing that will make the fun disappear faster than that (or a bad DM!).
  • Equipment – Purchase whatever you want for starting equipments as long as the total costs less than 200 gold – use that to buy equipment. Let me know of any special requests that don’t show up in the PHB. Assume that when the campaign starts, you are traveling on foot, so anything you want to own and have at hand must be on your persons (not in a cart, in saddlebags, etc, but carried by you). Any gold that you didn’t “spend” except 10 gp is gone when the game starts.
  • Magic – Magic will work like it normally does in DnD 5e, with the following exception – Magic is blocked by large bodies of water. If you can’t see land, you can’t use magic, and any currently active magic spells start to falter. This includes scrying. Standing on a snow drift on a snow-covered mountain is fine. Standing on a mile-thick glacier with only ice around you is not. This is a convenient way to explain-away why the Southern Lands weren’t discovered earlier, and why agents from Amairikashet don’t’ simply fly/teleport people and supplies southwards across The Endless Glacier to accelerate the settling of the Southern Lands.

Add to your backstory:

When you start, your character(s) should be in need of a large amount of gold, say 1000g (or more – dream big). Please come up with an idea of why. One common motivation is to lay legal claim to land. Each acre of as-yet-unclaimed land in the Southern Lands costs 500 to 10,000g (see the Southern Lands Setting – Settling The Southern Lands section, for more info). Other motivations may be something such as building a library or temple, paying a ransom for a relative/friend, securing additional psionic training (see below), or buying an enchanted item/spell-book.

Geography – Consider the local area to be similar to temperate North America, including geographic features and some town names. For character background, pick a name of a town/city/location within the settled lands. Use a real USA town name, or twist it a bit if you’re as amused by simple things as I am. That place name and its basic geography are where your characters are from. Feel free to throw in some flavor as to what this place is like. It’s currently early summer. The region your travels have take you to currently is Olddom (in pale yellow on the world-map). You should explain why you’re there, near Deecy.


This campaign will feature limited psionics. All player characters have access to an initially small list of abilities as shown below. People with psionics are said to have “the gift”. This is one of the hooks of the campaign. Psionics are meant to do the following things:

  1. Provide very basic and limited combat-heals for those small groups who may not otherwise have them.
  2. Provide some options for tactical choices.
  3. Give little-to-no offensive advantage.
  4. Act as part of the main story hook. We’ll see if it lasts or if the thing falls off the rails immediately anyway.

The following powers are “known” automatically at level one. You can use each of these powers 1 time per long rest. There are a few trainers who will sell you training sessions to upgrade these effects, but they’re very pricey.

  • Synaesthetics – Activate as an action, lasts through the following 3 rounds. Choose one of the variants below at the time of use, and you can voluntarily terminate the effect at any point.
    • Echolocate – can hear geometry via acoustics, assuming sound is not blocked. Needs to produce noise centered on self to work (snapping fingers, for example, gives strobe-like snapshots. Continuous noise = moving picture). While in effect, vulnerable to thunder damage, resistant to radiant damage. Regular vision is dimmed.
    • Vibrattuned – can see compression waves, including sound, at a more detailed level than the ear could hear them. While in effect, vulnerable to radiant damage, resistant to thunder damage. Regular hearing is muted.
    • Molecular Gastronomy – can taste and smell via touch for 2 minutes. If contact is maintained for more than 1 minute with an object or liquid, the effect of ingesting it is achieved (e.g. caloric intake, medicine used, potion drank). While in effect, vulnerable to poison damage, resistant to psychic damage. Regular sense of smell/taste lessened.
  • Resist elements – as a reaction, gain resistance to one of the following damage types for the current and the subsequent 3 rounds: fire/cold/lightning/poison/acid)
  • Structural rebalancing – A character within 30’ of another psionic character may take an action to heal the other character’s damage up to 8x the healing character’s level in HP, incurring ¼ the amount healed as damage to him/her-self, and is stunned for next round after taking damage.

As of session 2, the characters have another power:

  • Detect psionics – a character can take his/her action to probe for psionic attunement of any being within 10 feet. There is no visible indication of this process, but it takes enough concentration that only simple actions such as movement and the simplest of conversation are available for that round. This can be done an unlimited number of times. More powerful psionicists are able to detect this probing, if they are a potential target, at its start.

As of session 3, the characters have another power:

  • Resist psionic detection – a character can take his/her reaction to resist psionic detection. This automatically succeeds if the target has more psionic abilities than the prober. On the other hand, if the prober succeeds, the target is not aware that the probing has happened.

Creating Your Character

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