The Discovery of the Southern Lands

The Discovery of the Southern Lands.

Two Hundred Years Ago a surly seafaring gnome named Jane set out on her crabbing vessel, the Cat’s Treat, and equipped the Cat’s Treat with more long-haul gear than ever before. She sailed unprecedentedly far into the Eastern Ocean, and the swells grew larger than she could safely navigate. Jane attempted to turn around, but found that a strong current was dragging the ship quickly southward.

Over the next days, the current moved the ship in a hook-like pattern, first south, but then westward. After 2 weeks of sailing, the Cat’s Treat briefly came within sight of land to the west. Jane and her crew had made the first recorded discovery of what seemed to be habitable land south of The Endless Glacier. However, as quickly as they saw the land, it disappeared from sight as the Cat’s Treat was pulled back northeastward.

The boat was shot up through the Eastern Sea for another week, not seeing land again until finally sighting the familiar ice walls of The Endless Glacier to their west. After another week imprisoned by the massive current, it finally subsided into a mild force in the Gulf of Stilari, a welcome and familiar sight for the crew. Thus, the crew of the Cat’s Treat had discovered a new land (now just called “The Southern Lands”) and a way to return from them, courtesy of the Full-Loop Current.

For many reasons, groups of the Amairikashet population wanted to visit and settle in the new lands to the south. While some wanted adventure or a new start to life, many simply wanted a warmer climate and an easier time growing crops. Thus the settling of the Southern Lands had begun.

The Discovery of the Southern Lands

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