Campaign Basics

Big Picture

The setting is a magical, monstrous, North America. Historically, civilization has taken hold only in Amairikashet (think – Canada) until the last 200 years, at which point the Southern Lands (continental USA) started being settled, starting on the East Coast. Your characters start in the Southern Lands, near Deecy on the map.


Possible Objectives

  • Explore, settle, and/or rule parts of the Southern Lands.
  • Drive all immigrants out of the Southern Lands and restore them to pristine wilderness.
  • Head back to Amairikashet and explore to the rough western frontier.
  • Investigate why the Southern Lands enable psionics (“the gift” – all player characters have “the gift” in at least some capacity).
  • Develop your own psionic powers further than anyone has done so before.
  • Whatever, really.

The campaign will start on some basic rails, but if/once we get going, the campaign will hopefully be tailored towards the themes you want.

Feedback and Game Direction

If I’m going to be able to make a campaign that suits your tastes, please make an effort to indicate your characters’ motivations, whether through role-play or out-of-game communication.

Campaign Basics

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